What do a vet, theatre director, data specialist and architect have in common?

All of their businesses have been pummeled by the pandemic, and all of them are searching for ways to pivot or find new ways to work in their industries. We chatted to them in a Make Luck Club webinar, and here are some fascinating insights from the discussion…

We’re not going through this alone…
Ever heard the phrase ‘brave in company’? There was relief in the ‘z-room’ when our participants realised that they weren’t the only ones going through these tough times. Knowing that they were in a safe place to share their thoughts, our participants were able to share candidly, and left the webinar with fantastic insights into how to move their businesses forward.

Who do you want to work for?
A common misconception that came up in the discussion is that they need to be selling their offering to everyone. We say this isn’t true. It’s exhausting trying to market to everyone, so we asked the participants to imagine their perfect client — who will make your toes twinkle when you work with them?

You can do this exercise too… can you imagine your perfect client? Can you describe what that person thinks, believes, says, and does? If you can, then you can laser focus your marketing at that person. When your messaging is specific and focused, you know who to go look for.

And when you do attract that perfect client, don’t you think you’ll be happier to be working for them?

Why the Make Luck Club?
We want business owners to be braver, and more selective in who they work with. This is why we created the Make Luck Club — it’s imperative that business owners are surrounded by a supportive network of peers who can share their diverse knowledge base and experience.

Do you have any business stresses that we can help with?

You can join our next free webinar by registering here — who knows what insights you’ll leave with!





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